New work by Patricia Oblack

New work has just arrived by Patricia Oblack!
January (and winter in general) can feel like such a dark, cold expanse.  What better way to lift our spirits then with art?  The beauty and comfort of the space we create in our homes is especially important this time of year.  Patricia Oblack has spent decades mastering the practice of translating music, landscape, dream, emotion and event into color and brushstroke.  Though her work is sometimes bold and other times subtle, it never fails to evoke feeling from the viewer.  Multiple layers of acrylic weave stories that reveal themselves slowly.  Her paintings can not be taken in at a glance, they demand time and attention to unfold their secrets.  Part of the satisfaction of living with an Oblack piece is the way that her artwork can shift for the viewer over time.  Strong enough to transform a room, yet refined enough to offer a sense of calm, Oblack's work never disappoints.  


Nightslip 48" x 64" acrylic on board