Blue skies have returned to Durango!

Clear air has returned. Blue skies have appeared again! We are all feeling very grateful to the incredible firefighters who have done an amazing job subduing the wildfire in Durango.

So, maybe it is time to celebrate Nature and all her incredible gifts.  We are featuring some of the Earth’s most beautiful gemstones in locally made jewelry.  From uncut diamonds to luscious pearls and sapphires in all colors of the rainbow to dreamy blue aquamarine (below).  



Our contemporary landscapes pay homage to the amazing beauty that surrounds us.  From ethereal mountain scenes to grassy slopes and rivers to red rock scenes, all are reminiscent of this special geographic landscape.



We continue to be amazed at the outpouring of support from our local patrons who understand at a deep level the impact of this challenging time we are all going through.  Without your continued loyalty, we would be reeling. Thank you all!  We appreciate your continued support more than you can imagine.  The Durango art scene remains strong and vibrant thanks to you!