playful art and jewelry

Doodles---playful doodles throughout the gallery.  Many of our artists seem to be creating lighthearted, often unstructured, summertime art and jewelry.   


Barbara Fisher’s 6”x6” and 8”x8” paintings are a perfect example.  Her skill is obvious, but the process appears to be sheer joy with endless squiggles of dark and light and hints of golden light.  



Gretchen Magwitz has fused sterling spirals to a round earring, thus achieving an artistic and fun earring that makes you want to laugh out loud!  

dipper earrings.jpg


Lisa Pedolsky has achieved something similar in her new ruby series wall platters.  Circles cut out seemingly at random and placed just perfectly on a textured background making ceramic art pieces like no others.



Telluride Silk Designs’ new long silk scarves are jewelry; they are art, and they are useful for both summer and winter and are a great gift idea.  Each one is different, but they are all fun and colorful and beautiful.



Joan Russel’s new “Optimistic” series of small 8”x8” paintings are another example of her fun approach to small art pieces that mix well with other art.  Also, her small ceramic meditation boxes are almost sold out, so if you are one of the many patrons collecting these gems, now is the time to complete your collection!